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Let’s Talk About 2016


Welcome back studios!  We hope you had a wonderful recital season and hopefully a bit of a summer break.  But the dance season never ends!  We are excited to announce our 2016 Schedule Dates & Locations.  Just click on the previous link or on our events schedule page.  Not all of the locations are 100% confirmed but we will do our best to stick with the weekend we have scheduled.


We had such a great 2015 season and we want to thank all of our studios for your support and talent.  We are excited for the upgrades we will get to make for our 2016 schedule.  These will include a larger Team Dance Staff and some fun equipment upgrades to help with the ease and accuracy of our systems.  There will also be some updates to the web site over the next few months to increase the ease of registration.


But some things will definitely stay the same!  We will still offer our one-on-one judging for every routine.  We will still offer an automatic 6% rebate to all early registrations (this will now come out before payment!).  And we will still do everything we can to create the best competition experience possible for your studio.


New to Team Dance?  We will raise your early registration rebate to 8% for your first competition with us!  And **NEW** if you refer a studio that registers for a Team Dance event, your studio will receive another 1% discount per studio!


You can always reach us with questions and concerns at www.teamdance.com or at our email, contact@teamdance.com.


Happy Choreographing!


The Team Dance Staff