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Team Dance Nationals Details!


It’s that time again, time for Team Dance Nationals 2015! Thank you so much for joining us for our regional events, or for those still coming, we look forward to seeing you soon! We are very excited to be returning to Boise/Meridian area for our Team Dance Nationals and we hope your studio will join us! Here are some of the things you need to know:

Our Nationals event will be held June 11-13. The exact schedule is TBA but here is a general breakdown of the weekend.

June 11th – Workshops with our judges (styles will include hip hop, contemporary, jazz, technique, and hopefully tap!)


Beginning of Competition


June 12th – Competition continues! Special events include our hip hop dance off and other new surprises.


Spend the afternoon at Roaring Springs Water Park!
June 13th – Competition wraps up

Evening : Team Dance Showcase where some of the best of the best of the week is recognized, special performances from our judges and a great night for all! Everyone is invited!

Our National rate fees can be found on our Nationals page and on the bar below. To participate in our workshop and our Roaring Springs Water Park day, the fee is just $35 per dancer.

Registration is very easy. To register for Nationals, just log onto your Team Dance page and click on your SAVED ROUTINES. At the bottom of each login, you can choose to send that routine to Nationals. It may help to clear the routines in your SUBMITTED ROUTINES before doing this. You can clear them by pressing the DELETE button next to them. Once they are all submitted, press the REQUEST INVOICE button at the top of the page. Then, just let us know how many dancers would like to participate in our Nationals workshop and day at the water park through our email, contact@teamdance.com, and we will add this to your invoice and you will be ready to go!

Dancers can register for the workshop and water park at the event, but the price goes up to $50, so register early!

The Early Registration Deadline may seem really early, April 10th, but we just need to know if you’re coming! If you need more time to register and collect payments, there will be time. So just shoot us an email by April 10 telling us your studio plans to attend and you are qualified for our 6% registration rebate. We do not need all of your registrations and payment in until April 27th. Remember, we will issue you our 6% rebate after the event along with your cash prizes.

If you have routines that you did not bring to our regional competition, they can still come to Nationals if the dancers qualified with a Gold rating or higher on their other regional routines.

If your studio didn’t make it to our regionals but would like to attend our Nationals event, please contact us at contact@teamdance.com for the qualification process.

Please call or email us with any questions!

Team Dance Staff