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We will be following State and Local guidelines at all of our events to make sure we are able to hold our events in person this season.  If regulations are relaxed significantly in the time before the event, changes will be considered.  But the following guidelines will likely be in place and should be planned on.

1) We plan on holding in person competitions.  Studios will be competing individually.  Audience will be limited to the allowed numbers per venue.  Please plan on bringing only the required number of staff and parents needed to coordinate performers.  All others can enjoy the competition through our live stream

2) Currently, masks will be required for all attendees while not performing.  Dancers will not be required to wear masks while performing but all other attendees should be masked through the entire event.

3) With the exception of our Sacramento event (who was able to hold their 2020 competition before quarantine) the trophies and medals for our 2021 event will read 2020.  We will update them with labels, but not letting hundreds of trophies and thousands of medals go to waste is one of the ways we were able to afford full refunds for our Team Dance studios last season.  

4) Any and all performers who have registered and are not able to perform due to Covid, exposure, or unrelated injury will receive a refund of their registration fees.

We hope and plan on seeing all of our studios in 2021!  Here's to a brighter future!

Covid-19 Info

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