There are many things we do not know about what 2021 will look like.  But here are some rules and guidelines we will be following:

1) We plan on holding in person competitions.  If required, we will limit audience and team arrival times to comply with guidelines.  We will not be holding digital events.

2) If we are required to hold an event where audience must be limited, we will provide a live stream of the event so any missing family and friends can watch with us.

3) With the exception of our Sacramento event (who was able to hold their 2020 competition before quarantine) the trophies and medals for our 2021 event will read 2020.  We will update them with labels, but not letting hundreds of trophies and thousands of medals go to waste is one of the ways we were able to afford full refunds for our Team Dance studios last season.  

4) If, heaven forbid, knock on wood, please no, we are unable to hold an event 2021 because of continuing Covid issues, all studios will receive a refund for their tuition fees.  

We hope and plan on seeing all of our studios in 2021!  Here's to a brighter future!

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