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Why should you edit your music?

Editing your music can take your routine from forgettable to memorable. Most original songs are too long for competitive dance performances.   Great choreography really stands out when a number in concise and well timed, when there is too much repetition or fillers, you can lose an audience!  Judges love to watch dance but a dance that is too long will lose their attention.  The goal is to leave the judges wanting more!  In most competitive situations, solos should be no longer than 2 minutes and group numbers should between 2:15-2:30.

How it



Send us an email using this form with your name, email, and the details about the song you want edited. Let us know which sections you want to keep or edit out using the number count, or just give us your desired final length and we will use the best music!


You will receive an invoice with the price of the job, as well as any follow up questions about your song edits.


Respond and attach your song/songs you want edited in Mp3 format. 


Sit back and relax while we do the busy work for you!

Services and PRICING

One song edited for length 


For any additional songs edited together, per song


Editing out language or curse words


We will provide you with two different versions of your final song edit. One at a slower practice speed and the other at competition speed! 

Send us

the details

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