Experience Levels


Routines may be performed in one of two divisions:

  • PREMIERE DIVISION: Premiere division is for your recreational teams or beginner dancers.  Routines in the category have a larger point range in our adjudicated system, see below.  If your dancer is performing advanced technical moves (triple pirouettes, aerials, full back leg extensions, etc.) then they should not be competing in the Premiere division.  Solo/Duo/Trio dancers with groups numbers in the Premiere category are welcome to compete in the Pro category if they choose, but if their group numbers are in the Pro category, their solo should be as well. They are not eligible for cash prizes and are not considered in our Best Studio award.

  • PRO DIVISION: Pro division is for your competitive dance teams. Only teams competing in the Pro category are eligible for cash prizes. Only dances competed in the Pro category will be considered for the Team Dance Studio Award.  Dancers performing in the Pro division for their group routines are encouraged to compete their solo, duo, or trio routines in the Pro division. Directors may decide which category is appropriate for each team.

Studios may choose the experience levels for their routines at their discretion.   

Age Divisions


As of the 2020 dance year, dancer's age will be determined by their age as of January 1st of the competition season.  The automated system will calculate the age for all routines. If there is a decimal of .5 or higher, the system will round up to the next age.  To ensure accurate placement, please enter accurate birth dates. Proof of age may be required if a dispute arises about accuracy. Please be honest with ages, especially with duo and trio routines.

Division Categories

  • PEEWEE: Ages 6 and Under 

  • MINI: 7-9 

  • JUNIOR: Ages 10-12

  • TEEN: Ages 13-15

  • SENIOR: Ages 16-18

  • ADULT: Age 19+

Bump Rule


When a routine includes dancers of various ages, a team cannot compete more than one age group below the age of the oldest dancer. For example, if the average age of your team is 12 but you have a 16 year old student in the class, the team must compete in the teen category.

Group Size


The group sizes available are:


  • Duo

  • Trio

  • Small Group (4-10)

  • Large Group (11-17)

  • Line (18+)

  • Production (18+)

  • Solos


The line category should be used for dances with 18 or more dancers that are not meant to be a themed production number. In Overall awards, Solo, Duo and Trio may be a combined category. Small Group, Large Group and Line will compete separately for overall awards if there are more than 11 routines competing in each category. If there are not enough numbers in a category to earn high score awards, Team Dance may combine Small Group, Large Group, and Line routines to create eligibility.  Soloists competing more than one solo in the same top ten category will only place in the top ten once.  If their solo age category is divided into style, then solos of different genres may be considered for more than one top ten award.  This is decided on a city by city basis and can be viewed on the top ten breakdown.

Time Limits


  • Duos/Trios: up to 3 minutes

  • Group Dances: up to 3 minutes

  • Production Dances: up to 8 minutes


Getting onstage and off stage should take no longer than 20 seconds, unless props are involved (see Props section). You may extend time limits for a fee of $25 per 30 seconds. A penalty of 10 points will be subtracted from the final score if a team goes over the time limit.


All music is collected and uploaded before the event.  Studio owners will  upload music to the studio login page at least two weeks before your performance.  After uploading, please review each track to make sure the right edits and tracks were uploaded.  Also, please bring backup tracks on flash drive, CD, or any other form of media with a headphone jack.



Props and stage sets are allowed but cannot take more than 1 minute total set-up and tear-down. Production set-up can take up to 3 minutes total. No dangerous props are allowed, including but not limited to knives, swords, fire, etc. If you have concerns about your props, please call or email the Team Dance head office. Other unacceptable props include anything that could damage the stage. Any prop that “litters” the stage, i.e. glitter, powder, etc. may only be used with permission from the directors of Team Dance and must be cleaned up immediately following the performance. Special lighting requests will not be allowed. Curtain closing will only be allowed for production numbers and will depend on availability at the facility in question.

Videos / Pictures



There will be a professional videographer if you would like to purchase a digital video of your team's numbers.  



Professional photographers will be onsite if you would like to purchase action shots of your dancers.

Choreography Challenge Rules


Put your choreography to the ultimate test. Go head to head with top choreographers and see if you have what it takes to with the Team Dance Choreography Challenge.



Studios wishing to compete in the Team Dance challenge will be showing their skills in choreography and team unity. Your team must have at least two students, but we encourage larger groups to expand the choreographer's staging abilities. As soon as your registration is received, your team will receive 45-70 seconds of music. Your challenge will be to choreograph a routine to that song using any style of dance. Props are allowed but not encouraged, please see prop category. All competitors will receive the same song. A studio may have as many entries as they like either from the same choreographer or different choreographers. Costumes are not necessary. Your dance will not be judged by what the dancers are wearing. The registration fee is $50 per entry. The performances will be judged on the creativity, skill, entertainment of the choreography and quality of performance. The winning team will receive a $50 cash prize, a trophy, and the title of Team Dance Challenge Champion. 

Extra Information


Teachers may not be on stage or assist dancers from the audience or wings. Alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited at the event. Repeat performances will only be allowed after a technical difficulty as decided by the Team Dance director. Team Dance reserves the right to add or cancel events based on entries received. Those already registered for a cancelled event will receive a full refund.

All Star Team Dance Off


Do you have what it takes to be a member of the All Star Team? We are looking for the best of the best. Dancers will be invited to participate in our audition style All Star Team Dance Off. Register your dancers the day of competition for $10. Dancers will be invited on stage where they will learn choreography very rapidly and be asked to then perform it. The judges will choose the best performers until a top five are chosen. Our newly created All Star Team will get to perform the routine together and be recognized for their awesome achievement. They will each receive an award and be recognized on our Web site.