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Are You an Overbearing Stage Mom?

We all love our kids. We all think the world of their abilities. I mean, you made them, right? And momma didn't make no losers. But reality TV has shown us time and time again that there is a very thin line between a proud dance mom and an overbearing stage mom-ster that we really don't want to cross. Because, nobody really wants to be a stage mom-ster, right?

If you have found yourself wondering at times if you have crossed that line into mom-ster territory, fear not. We have devised this simple test so that you can know for sure where you stand, because knowledge is power. Right, mom?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you more excited to win than your child is?

"We did it!"

2. Do you critique every aspect of your child's dancing?

You: Do it again honey, but fix that.

Child: Fix what, mom?

You: That.

3. Is it difficult for you to congratulate anyone that places higher than your dancer?

"No really, Suzie, you did a great job."

4. Are you constantly trying to prove that you've still got the moves too?

"Remember how Mommy showed you, sweetheart? Scoot over, I'll just do it again."

5. Do you assume that everything will fall apart if you're not backstage?

Blowing past the stage manager like:

"My perfect dancing angel needs me. Probably."

6. Are you more excited about dance than your dancer is?

7. Do you and your daughter have the same makeup routine on competition days?

Just in case, right? I mean, you never know...

8. Do your dancer's teachers actively avoid talking to you?

9. Do you ignore all of your daughter's comments about how much she doesn't enjoy dance?

"She's kidding, she LOVES dance."

10. Does your daughter complain about your craziness more than once a week?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, I'm sorry to say you might be a stage mom-ster. But don't fret! You just need to take a step back and evaluate your actions and why you're doing them. Remember that children need motivation to accomplish great things, but ultimately you can't do it for them. All you can do is give them your encouragement, your love, and to keep those dance tuition checks coming! Remember that the best part of raising a dancer is not making them a star- the best part is always having an awesome dance partner!

Happy dancing, moms!

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