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Top Ten Moments of 2017 Competitions

Throughout the Team Dance season we witness tons of amazing dance moments, but few are able to be truly captured in a photo. Here are our Top Ten favorite competition photos from 2017.

10. Shine Dance Studio

Dancers holding each other up

9. Backstage Dance Center

Dancer bending backwards

8. Dance Unlimited

Dancer holding leg in the air

7. Today's Generation Dance Studio

Dancers lifting a girl in the air

6. Inspirations Dance Studio

Dancer stretching leg into the air

5. Expressions School of Performing Arts

Dancer mid-leap

4. Sole Dance Academy

Dancer stretching body

3. Dance Images West

Two dancers leaning on each other

2. Precision Dance Center

1 Dancer doing a backflip

1. Elevated Dance Project

Dancer with leg extended and back bent

We can't wait to see all the great moments 2018 will bring us! All of our pictures from last season are still up on our website if you want to look back through them and find all the great ones of yourself that you missed!

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