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Top Ten Moments of 2018 Competitions

It's that time of year again... It's time to look back at some of our favorite moments from this last 2018 season! It's impossible to capture the hundreds of amazing things that happen on our stages but here are some really good moments our photographer captured. Thank you for dancing with us! We look forward to seeing what amazing moments to bring for us next year!

10. Dance Stars - The power in her legs, arms, and face is just awe-inspiring! This kind of pose takes both great flexibility and great strength.

Dance Stars from Sacramento

9. Dance Depot - To have so many amazing kicks in one group is inspirational! I'm sure they've been working really hard on those kicks for a long time.

Dance Depot from Idaho Falls

8. Tanya's Dance Academy - This picture is just absolutely stunning. Everything about the placement of her body is perfection. Plus that back arch is so impressive!

Tanya's Dance Academy from Bozeman

7. Expressions School of Performing Arts - Expressions proved that they have the right name with this picture. This dance has us all laughing and I'm so glad we captured such a perfect example of the amazing characterization it had.

Expressions School of Performing Arts from Spokane

6. The Dance Project - The prop design is perfect, her costume is perfect, her pose is perfect, and her frown is absolutely perfect. That kind of attitude can't be taught, you must be born with it.

The Dance Project from Idaho Falls

5. Dance Arts Academy - This picture just captures your attention. All of your focus is drawn to the front girl and the tension in her body. It feels as though as soon as you look away she will move.

Dance Arts Academy from Boise

4. Fancy Feet Dance Academy - You have to love the fabulous costume, the great pose, and the most perfect kiss lips anyone has ever made.

Fancy Feet Dance Academy from Sacramento

3. DFy Studio - This picture gets better the more you look at it and examine every girl's positions. Plus catching hair mid-flip is always such a joy!

DFy Studio from Bozeman

2. Today's Generation - I'm not sure if I've ever seen such happiness before or ever will again. Those giant smiles are enough to brighten even the grumpiest people.

Today's Generation from Spokane

1. Studio C - They're wearing bedazzled fanny packs, they've got heart sunglasses on, and those duck lips in the front are the cutest ones you've ever seen. You just can't help but love this whole photo.

Studio C from Boise

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