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15 Dance Worthy Christmas Songs

Christmas is one of the greatest times of the year! The lights, trees, and tasty treats all add to the magic of the season. But there's nothing better than Christmas music. Sure some of it can get a little stuck in you head... (All I want for Christmas is...) It's still one of the best parts of the season. So the other day I asked myself, what's the only thing that could make Christmas music even better? Christmas songs you can dance to of course! Whether you're throwing a Christmas dance party or just want to spice up your Christmas playlist, here's our 15 favorite dance worthy Christmas songs!

1. Candy Cane Lane by Sia - Sia's Christmas album is probably one of my most favorite Christmas albums of all time. The songs are exciting and unique plus Sia's voice is awesome! I chose this song as the most dance worthy from the album but there's many more that could have joined the list!


2. Christmas Without You by DNCE - DNCE knows how to write songs that get us dancing and this Christmas song is no exception. It's got a fast, upbeat tempo that even the Grinch would find himself tapping his toe to!


3. You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stefani - This song is not only super fun but it also comes with an awesome music video. Check out the young dancers in the video if you need some inspiration for the dance floor!


4. Hey Good Lookin' by Why Don't We - Using just their voices this group can still convince a whole room to move their feet. It's simple, fun, and will only get a little stuck in your head.


5. Shake Up Christmas by Train - While this song doesn't have a classic dance beat the energy of the song more than makes up for that. It's the kind of song that gets your hands in the air and your voice belting out the lyrics!


6. My Only Wish by Britney Spears - You can always rely on a Britney song to get the party started! My only wish is that she'd given us even more Christmas songs to enjoy!


7. It's Me & You by Elijah Woods and Jaimie Fine - This song will make you happy and get you moving and grooving! Whether it's blasting over a dance floor or playing quietly in the background it's the perfect addition to any Christmas playlist.


8. Greatest Time of Year by Aly and AJ - This rocking song is one of the best ones that Aly and AJ came out with. It will pump up the energy in any room it's played in. Don't be surprised if you find yourself jumping along to the beat!


9. Christmas C'mon by Lindsey Stirling - Lindsey Stirling is famous for dancing while playing the violin and it is seriously impressive to watch! And then you add Becky G doing the singing and you have yourself one of the most jamming Christmas songs ever! They even made an awesome music video featuring some great dance moves and fabulous costumes. Can it get any better?!


10. Christmas Wrapping by Kylie Minogue - While it's not an original song, the classic version of this song can get annoying very quickly. Kylie's voice helps this cute song stay fun and lively to keep the party going strong!


11. Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time by Owl City - With the signature Owl City sound and cute lyrics this song can easily become a holiday favorite! It's ideal for a slower dance song when you start to get a little tired.


12. Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Clause by Anna Kendrick and Snoop Dog - Pitch Perfect has given us all kinds of great dancing songs and now they've given us a Christmas song! In the movie Anna Kendrick's character fixes up a boring version of Winter Wonderland by adding a techno beat and Here Comes Santa Claus on top. It's a beautiful creation that's perfect for the dance floor!


13. All My Bells Are Ringing by Lenka - Lenka has a very unique sound and style and it works perfectly with this cute Christmas song. Some may find themselves clapping along with the beat while others are swaying with the melody but either way everyone is enjoying themselves.


14. Deck the Halls by Penatonix - Penatonix somehow make old Christmas songs sound new with their covers. Their version of Deck the Halls will make even those who dislike that song get up and dance.


15. Count on Christmas by Bebe Rexha - This song is not only energized, it brings with it all the happy memories Christmas holds for us. You'll feel like a child again as you forget technique for a moment and just dance like no one's watching.

The whole team at Team Dance would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope this festive season is filled with games, laughs, singing, and of course, dancing!

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