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Top Ten Moments of 2021

To celebrate the new year, we love to look back at some of our favorite moments from last year!

10. I Wish I Could Do That

Lana's Dance, Sacramento Competition

Flexibility? Yes. Strength? Yeess. Fantastic facials, hair, and costumes? Yaaassssss! We love it ladies. And we wish we could do that.

9. You Wish You Could Party With Us

Echo School of Dance, Boise Competition

We want those shirts, those shoes, those hats, and most importantly, to be invited to this awesome party. There's just too much fun happening in this picture. We wish we were on stage with these girls!

8. This is How You Point Your Toes

Dance Unlimited, Coeur D'Alene Competition

Every dance teacher: "Point your toes! Extend your feet! Energy out through those limbs!"

This dancer gets on stage

Every dance teacher: **blink** "Yup."

Gorgeous for head to toe!

7. Together We Achieve More

Academy of Danse, Sacramento Competition

A picture in motion! From the high flying artistry from each side and the movement of the fabric to the simple flexibility on the floor (to quote the wise Meghan Trainor "I still can't touch my toes...") this is a treat for the eyes on all angles.

6. In a Word: Elegance

Dance Allegro, Boise Competition

This picture is elegance. We're loving everything from their costumes to their gorgeous lines. And can we give a shoutout to the flawless hair? This one can go right on the wall as a straight work of art.

5. I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Dynamic Dance Academy, Bozeman Competition

Throwing hair and caution to the wind, these little ladies whip their hair like there's no tomorrow. Warning: in the making of this picture, hair was totally whipped into eyes. Worth it. Kudos to the parents who are in charge of brushing those long locks out after they get off stage...

4. It's Hip to be Square

Vogue Dance Company, Idaho Falls Competition

I don't know how you study, but I think these girls might be onto something. Sure, it might make more sense to sit down at a desk with your papers neatly in front of you. But it's much more fun to balance in a handstand as you study. Pretty sure the blood rushing to your head helps you concentrate.

3. The Kissy Face

Today's Generation Dance Studio, Coeur D'Alene Competition

Toss the skirt, purse the lips, and give it a whole lot of sass! That's how we're imagining their teacher explained this amazing move. Keep up those killer faces ladies and you've got great things ahead.

2. The Movement of Water

Tanya's Dance Company, Bozeman Competition

Okay down. A little further... a little further... and STOP! We love the control, we love the colors, and we love to love this perfect moment.

1. Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man

Dance Depot, Idaho Falls Competition

Who has tried a group jumping picture? It seems practically impossible to get it on just one take ("Do we jump on or after three?!"). But these ladies nailed it no problem! I don't know where they're running to but I think they're going to beat us there.

Fantastic job to all our top 10 moments! There were so many amazing pictures to choose from it was difficult to pick just 10. We can't wait to see what you're bringing to our 2022 season!


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