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Registration FAQs

What information do I need to know for my routines before I register? ​ To fully register a routine, you need the routine title, style of dance, all dancers participating along with their birthday.  You are asked to enter the routine length but this only matters if you are requesting extended time for your routine.  If not, you can enter 2:50 for all routines.  Routine name and routine dance style do not affect their placement in the schedule and can be changed by you at any time until the final schedule is sent out.

Which experience level should I choose for my dancers? ​ We offer three categories and studio owners are given the ability to choose where to place in those categories.  Debut is for beginning or recreational dancers.  This is also the only category for Peewee dancers so please choose this for your little groups.  Debut dancers are separated into their own top ten categories but there are no cash prizes for the winners.  ​ Star category is for intermediate dancers or new competition performers.  Elite Star category is for our advanced performers.  Studio owners are welcome to place their groups in different experience levels depending on their level of dance.  At the regional level, Star and Elite Star routines may be combined for overall awards if there are not enough routines registered. As a general rule, soloists should compete in the same experience level as their group routines.  Dancers competing with their groups in the Star category can only enter their solos in Debut if it is their first solo experience.  Dancers competing with their groups in the Elite Star category may only compete their solo in the Star level if it is their first solo experience.  They may not compete in Debut.  Only solos registered in the Elite Star category may enter our Title Competition.  (see more on this below) Showstopper routines may not be registered in the Debut category (more info on this category below)

What does it mean to register a Title Solo? ​ Our soloists Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior age may register to be a Title Soloist.  Title soloists will compete together with the other soloists in their age group.  Before the performances, the dancers will go onstage to introduce themselves and their dance.  They will be asked one dance related question on stage.  Judges will be looking for poise, animation, and content of their answers.  Dancers will then exit the stage and prepare to perform their solos.  Their solos will be scored normally and be placed accordingly in their top ten overall awards.  Title winners will be awarded separately and will be judges choice.  Please see all of the Title Solo Requirements under "The Details" button on the main page for the full Title Solo breakdown.

What is a Showstopper routine? ​ The Showstopper category is for any group routine with 16 dancers or more.  These can include production style numbers, combined class routines, or any large scale dance.  Dances with 16 to 17 dancers can be registered as a Showstopper or as a Large Group.  Routines with 18 dancers or more will automatically be entered in the Showstopper category.  The Showstopper will have its own top ten category and special overall awards only available to these groups.  Overall top tens will be separated by age and then experience level when there are at least 3 numbers in the category when separated.  Showstopper routines may only register in the Star or Elite star level.

Do you take independent registrations? ​ Team Dance no longer allows independent registrations, all routines including individual soloists must be registered under a studio name.  Studios should only have one registered account for each competition.  Routines not linked under the same studio registration will not be calculated for overall studio awards.

Which dance style should I choose for my routine? ​ Dances that drift between styles can be difficult to place.  We do not have percentage limits for acro moves or other restrictions.  At Team Dance, we ask that the routine is placed under the category that you would like the judges to focus on.   If it is a jazz routine with some hip hop and it is placed in the Jazz category, it will be judged mainly on its jazz elements.  If it is a contemporary routine with several acro elements placed in the contemporary category, it will be judged mainly on its contemporary elements.  The category Variety is a great one for a number that just cannot fit into any single category!

Why is my name listed as the studio name when I receive emails? Why is my dance listed in the wrong category/spelled wrong? Why is my dancer's name spelled wrong/wrong birthday? ​ Our system is as automated as possible so the information you give to us during registration is passed down the line into the registration and then scoring process without any input on our part.   Whatever you list as the studio name in your account will be listed in the program and on your dressing room!  If you see an error in your tentative schedule or your studio name is listed strangely, you can get into your account and make changes at any time (there is a little warning button that asks if you are very sure you want to make changes and the answer is yes).  If errors are found after the final schedule is out, then please contact us and we can get those fixed for you! Correct dancer name spellings and birthdays are crucial!  Not only does the system automatically calculate your group age off of that information, but it is also how the parents are able to access their dancer's photos and videos after the event.   ​

I've already registered for another competition with Dance Comp Genie, can I just transfer that information over?   ​ Hopefully yes!  Competitions get to choose whether or not they are willing to allow studios to transfer the data from one competition to another.  Team Dance does allow that but not everyone else does.  When you log into your account, the option to transfer should show if possible.  You will need to update your Experience Level and sometimes Dance Style for each routine as we use different terms than other events.  Your routines will not be fully registered in the system until the Experience Level is updated for each transferred routine!

When do I need to send payment and how? ​ Studios who pay before the early registration deadline (6 weeks before the event) qualify for a 6% early registration rebate.  This is automatically applied to your account until the deadline has passed.  To receive the full 6% rebate you must pay with a check in the mail or eCheck.  Those paying with credit card will receive a 3% early registration rebate.   ​ If you need more time, payment needs to be completed before the event begins.  We are happy to help with partial payments or split between card/check, just contact us at! ​

How many solos can my dancer enter? ​ We allow two solos for dancers in the Star and Elite Star category and one solo per dancer in the Debut category.  Soloists may only place once in a top ten category.  When possible, we will separate soloist top ten categories by dance style.  If the category is split and the solos are placed in two separate top tens, they can place in both.

What is a Platinum Studio?  ​ To be considered for the Platinum Studio award, your studio must have at least 15 numbers registered in the Star or Elite Star category and only 5 of those can be solos.  Those studios who receive an adjudication placement of at least 50% platinum or high platinum on those routines will be named a Platinum Studio and receive an award.  The studio with the highest percentage of platinums will be named the Overall Platinum Studio and receive an award and a cash prize.  Studios may also have routines entered in the Debut category but those will not count for or against their total.

What does it mean to RSVP for Regionals or Nationals? ​ Studios who are committed to attending a Team Dance regional competition but do not have the details they need to complete their registration can RSVP for the event.  Studios are able to secure a certain number of routines in case the event sells out!  Studios may RSVP for events between June 3rd 2023 - December 31st, 2023.  The RSVP requires a $100 deposit that will be applied to registration fees.  Studios who RSVP but need to cancel may do so for a full refund before the early registration deadline (6 weeks before the event).  Studios MUST STILL COMPLETE THEIR REGISTRATION BEFORE THE EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE to qualify for the 6% early registration rebate and to hold their place.  Studios with RSVPs may request a registration deadline extension without losing their spots up to 4 weeks before the event.  Please email for this request. ​ Nationals will work a little bit differently!  There is no deposit to RSVP for our 2023 National event in the Boise, ID area.  Studios who RSVP for our National competition not only secure their spots for the event but also qualify to extend their early registraion rebate deadline to June 1, 2024.  Studios who do not RSVP need to complete payment by April 24th, 2024 to receive the early registration rebate.

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