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Team Dance Title Competition 2024


Who is eligible?

All soloists that compete at the highest level of competition, the Elite Star level, are eligible to enter the Title competition.  Soloists may only enter one solo per dancer.

What is required?

1.      Perform and compete a solo in the Elite Star division at a 2024 regional Team Dance competition.

2.      Submit a printed 8X10 headshot** the day of registration. **

3.      Introduction including Name, Age, and Studio they dance with.  

4.      Compete in the Team Dance “Dance Off” for their age division.

What is the process?

            Upon registration studio owners will submit the soloist's headshot.  Studio owners will receive a Title number for each contestant. Contestants must wear their number whenever they are not onstage competing for the entirety of the competition. Soloists will complete their on-stage introduction before performing their Title solo. Titleists will be chosen at the final awards session of the weekend or a designated session that will be included in the schedule.

What do you Win?

            The title winner for each age division will receive a crown and team dance attire as well as a free solo entry to a future Team Dance Event.  Title winners will be featured on our social media and listed on the TD website.

What is the judging criteria?

  1. Stage Presence:

·        Confidence and charisma on stage.

·        Engagement with the audience.

·        Projection of energy and enthusiasm.


 2. Presentation:

·        Kind and Courteous behavior was displayed throughout the event.

·        Grooming and presentation, including hair, makeup, and overall appearance.


 3. Intensity and Emotion:

·        Ability to convey and evoke emotions through dance.

·        The depth of emotional connection with the audience.

·        Convincing portrayal of the intended mood or storyline.


 4. Overall Performance:

·        The overall impact of the performance, including its entertainment value.

·        The ability to captivate and hold the audience's attention.

·        The presence of a "wow" factor or memorable moments.

** Headshots do not need to be professionally taken or printed.  The picture should contain only the dancer and should focus on the face.   The performer will not be judged by the photo, it is purely used to practice the audition process and to help the judges keep track of the contestants.



Can you perform more than one solo?

 Yes. Only one can be your official Title solo and must be designated upon registration.

Can you still compete if you do not enter the advanced division?

No. Only dancers that enter the highest level are eligible for Title.

What is the value of the TD Title program?

Students are given an opportunity to experience a real-life audition process.  This includes not only our team dance down but also the process of preparing a headshot and public speaking. Preparation and confidence are the gifts that dance can bring to a child’s life.  The Title competition gives students an opportunity to challenge themselves and build their confidence. By wearing their title number throughout the weekend students will also be expected to demonstrate behavior that reflects positively on themselves, their studio, as well as their family. At Team Dance we believe it is important for dancers to understand the importance of their behavior onstage as well as offstage.

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