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Top 10 Things

Everyone Should Know About TEAM DANCE!

1. We Strengthen the Studio Experience

Team Dance is constantly asking itself the same question. “How can we make this a fun and positive experience for the dancers and audience?” We start by supporting the good teaching happening at your studio, promote team bonding, give praise for proper technique, and remove as much of the hassle of competition attending as we can!

2. We REALLY want you to have a good time


We grew up dancing and competing; and we want to deliver all of the fun with fewer distractions. Although it makes our job crazy, we work down to the last minute to schedule the perfect day for your dancers and their families. Just ask all of the talented dancers who competed and made it to their prom or the dancers who received reimbursements due to illness or injury.

3. The Rates are Low


We want families to be able to afford the competition experience for their dancers. There are no hidden costs or fees.  And we are one of the only competitions offering fee reimbursements for sick or injured dancers. You will get more than what you pay for!

4. Friday and Saturday Only


Team Dance is committed to supporting the studio and family experience.  We do not hold events on Sunday so that everyone can have a restful day before the week begins again.  Dances will only be scheduled on Friday and Saturdays. Events do sell out, sign up early!

5. Our Judges are the Best


We choose very carefully based on dance knowledge, experience, along with their positive energy. Our judges come with backgrounds in a variety of styles and each has experience with dancers of all ages. More than judging scores, they have fantastic advice to share.

6. Our Judges LOVE your dancers


They record voice commentary for every dance, and we set aside time to share their knowledge and passion through One-on-One Judges Feedback after every dance. This immediate contact reinforces the guidance you give your dancers. More importantly, when dancers see how much the judges enjoyed their performance, it calms nerves. It also gives the judges a brief moment to share something to improve their next visit to the stage.

7. We don’t rush anybody onstage


If your dancer isn’t ready, we aren’t ready. We take the time and provide the support backstage to get a performance befitting of all the work put into every number. We are happy to adjust the schedule to accommodate any needs that will create a greater performance. 

8. We have the best backstage of any competition out there


We welcome and engage everybody with fun and positive energy. We encourage dancers to treat other teams with respect and congratulate them for their accomplishments.

9. Competition is based on your experience level

We now offer three experience divisions, Debut, Star, and Elite Star.  Studio owners can choose their placement based on your dancer’s needs. Debut competition is for new dancers of all ages. Star category is for our intermediate level teams.  Elite Star category is for our advanced competitors.

10. Our awards system is created to recognize outstanding dance in all of its variety


And nobody walks away empty handed. You can see more about our awards system by visiting the Awards page, CLICK HERE >>


As you can see, this is your event. We are excited to help take care of the details so you can enjoy your day and the great achievements your dancers have made. Come experience the Team Dance Difference and have fun at a competition again!

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